Chromesthesia ॐ

24 years
Younger frame, older state of mind...
Queens, New York

Photographer/ Crate Digger/ Gamer/
Introvert/ Pizza addict/John Coltrane fanatic

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Email - astraltraveling73@gmail.com
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Heavy Rotation (Music)/ Tape Deck (Mixtapes)
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Depending on where my head is at the time, how consistent my mood is and how much time I’m going to put to the side to leveling my alt in Destiny there’s a possibility you might see a new tape from me.  Don’t take that in blood though.

I’ve been scheming on my return, but let me remain ghost and get back in my element.

It’s my birthday but I’m kind of just super “eh” about it.

The Internet - Sunset (Ft. Yuna Zaraai)

The Internet - Sunset (Ft. Yuna Zaraai)

Pete Rock - A Little Soul

Pete Rock - A Little Soul

Eric Dolphy - Tenderly

Eric Dolphy - Tenderly

Banana Man - Take A Lick

Banana Man - Take A Lick

dantethescrub, geodiplo, coolboyclub

Max B - Part Time Lover

Max B - Part Time Lover

wun two - juicy

Wun Two & Biggie Smalls - Juicy

James Mason - Funny Girl


James Mason - Funny Girl


You already know the drum game been on point.

We Gonna Make It (Instrumental) - Jadakiss & Styles P

Jadakiss & Styles P - We Gonna Make It (Instrumental)

Samuel Jonathan Johnson - My Music

Samuel Jonathan Johnson - My Music

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Knicks

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Knicks

The Ovations - I Care For You

The Ovations - I Care For You

I haven’t done a session of “guess who sampled this” in while so I might drop a couple joints for people to figure out.