Chromesthesia ॐ

24 years
Younger frame, older state of mind...
Queens, New York

Photographer/ Crate Digger/ Gamer/
Introvert/ Pizza addict/John Coltrane fanatic

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It’s my birthday but I’m kind of just super “eh” about it.

The Internet - Sunset (Ft. Yuna Zaraai)

The Internet - Sunset (Ft. Yuna Zaraai)

Pete Rock - A Little Soul

Pete Rock - A Little Soul

Eric Dolphy - Tenderly

Eric Dolphy - Tenderly

Banana Man - Take A Lick

Banana Man - Take A Lick

dantethescrub, geodiplo, coolboyclub

Max B - Part Time Lover

Max B - Part Time Lover

wun two - juicy

Wun Two & Biggie Smalls - Juicy

James Mason - Funny Girl


James Mason - Funny Girl


You already know the drum game been on point.

We Gonna Make It (Instrumental) - Jadakiss & Styles P

Jadakiss & Styles P - We Gonna Make It (Instrumental)

Samuel Jonathan Johnson - My Music

Samuel Jonathan Johnson - My Music

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Knicks

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Knicks

The Ovations - I Care For You

The Ovations - I Care For You

I haven’t done a session of “guess who sampled this” in while so I might drop a couple joints for people to figure out.

Still digging through the photo archives.  Taken about two years ago.

If Tumblr decided to disable people from asking themselves anonymous questions I wonder how many people would suddenly stop getting them.